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Colchester - Britain's oldest recorded town.
In AD77 a Roman writer by the name of Pliny the Elder described the location of the Isle of Anglesey as being 'about 200 miles from Camulodunum, a town in Britain'. This was the Roman name for Colchester and is the earliest known reference to a fixed settlement in Britain, hence the claim to be Britain's oldest recorded town.
Colchester Borough Arms. A green cross representing the True Cross which legend says was found by St Helena, Patron Saint of Colchester. The cross is pierced by 3 nails each with a crown surrounding it to depict the 3 Wise Men or Kings. The red background represents the blood of Christ. The Arms first appeared in 1413 on a charter granted to Colchester borough by King Henry V.
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Gifts, Guide Books & Souvenirs of Colchester such as those shown here can be purchased from the Visitor Information Centre in Queen Street and also the Castle Museum Gift Shop.
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